Partners & Friends

Here is the list of partners, friends, people and organizations that we are long  or short term associated with, or cooperate with in some form, on the established or occasional basis, or we support and donate for as well. The list is growing as we update here, and with each – we have a lot of community benefits accomplished together, our via our donations to them, or – both – all of that – international – and proudly – together. To be listed here, the organization / company / or persons must have at least 5 years, or 1 (one) of successful program cooperation with us accomplished in  the past, that impacts positively the community, or brings the positive changes in the lives of the broader international community and businesses – worldwide – as we do, here are so far, (by the random order of this listing) – and for the sake of – keeping the admin updates here, for the admins much easier job, on a worst possible day for the website works, as it always happens, and – as the list of our trusted partners and donation causes positively grows:

Wildlife Victoria, no comment needed here, about their quality and level of contribution to the country

R S P C A – no comment needed here, the same quality and equal great contribution as with the Wildlife Vic

Mission Australia

Salvation Army – Australia

Drought Angels – Australia

CareFlight Australia – non-profit medical organisation, reaching the isolated cut-off communities with their life-dependent medical needs

Airventure Australia is all about the inspiring the aviation and sport, we gladly list them here as well, as always invited and welcomed by them

Aviation / Aerospace Australia (AAA), contributing to the long-term health and sustainability of Australia’s aviation and aerospace sectors

GoodSports Association – Australia, as accredited, upon their 2022 invitation: (Good-Sports-Policy-Partnered).

Beyond Blue, the quality organisation for helping the affected and raising the awareness about the anxiety and depression issues

Wellways, connecting people, strengthening families and transform communities for individuals of all ages experiencing disabilities

Faircount Media – a leading global aerospace & defense industry news provider, publication and network, since 1989

InFlight Graphics – outstanding quality / affordability of aviation graphics and other printed materials, and with even better customer service

King’s College  – yes, the college and patronage of that every one’s favored King and Queen, you’ve guessed it well

Operation Migration

Project Veritas, a 100% non-profit, transparency and humanity organisation

EAA – the one and only – still the best, and – all the aerobatic crowds there within the IAC, as always – as we grow – international – united

Freedom Flyers & HFDF, that needs no special introduction, being one of the humanity & industry strengths, and formed at the times of the greatest need

Grumman Northrop International – always up to something that no one ever thought of, or – never thought of to-be possible

Goddard Space Flight Center – where we remain the friends and fans, and strong supporters of the No-Fear-Act – as we all should,

with another (proudly – international again) initiative – the mighty Hubble’s successor, that will again: go further and will see,

many times more what Hubble was modestly – only  paving the way for, and you can also be a part – with any of your support.

(Iraq war cost: $2.1 Trillion – we accomplished nothing) James cost: 8.7 billion – and – another great achievement for – humanity:

So, that’s the on their latest – greatest projects there, and … nope – we already know how they will look alike in the future, as well:


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