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As we currently try to transition from international mode to the Australian market,

we are pleased to announce, due to our jobs creation initiative, current business planning phase and transitioning business plan, often – we have a number of unpaid volunteer vacant positions on the offer for the suitable experienced candidates, interested for the vacancies outlined here, and becoming long-term members of our all-inclusive company and culture. Vacancies are valid for – as long as you can find them listed on this page, and for some is very probable to become the permanent paid positions in the future, creating more jobs for domestic and international talent scouted this way. We aim to update as often as the time of our independently contracted web admins allows – and our cooperation time with them requires, but the vacancies are normally active for as long as listed here.



Melbourne CBD & VIC

Attend the meetings with the Director, as required, meetings / business meetings / hearings and industry events / meetings, events and similar, assist with making the notes, handling of the documents, point of contact and later follow ups, as required.

Requirements: experience at admin, meetings, point of contact or similar support roles.

Developing job position. Frequency (currently): occasional over the year, it can lead to full time

position, award rates, as the company has long international history and now current plans to develop the business further for Australia wide coverage.


Assist the Director and assigned staff, at the office and at the most of Melbourne central and VIC meetings, handling the documents, make follow ups with industry contacts, and similar duties.

Sport and training industry and business, international to domestic transitioning experience is a bonus.

To help expand the business, grow with the team, transition this role into paid position within the organisation, for the organisation, and keep it with the team for the future.






Melbourne CBD & VIC

Assist the director or staff assigned getting to the meetings on time.

DRIVER with an SUV vehicle less than 5 years old, good knowledge of Melbourne CBD, clean driving record, clean air conditioned vehicle. It may be required at times to use our company suv as well, in the same category of the suv vehicles. Average driving day is made of 2 Way trip with a few hrs waiting in between, average normal 4 hrs of your service per day total is normally required.

Award average + petrol compensated on the fuel receipt basis, the usual taxi rates are not applicable here, as this is internal development company work. All expressions of interest with suitable experience, clean record and SUV vehicle are welcome.


Driver accreditation with Commercial Passengers Victoria and knowledge of Melbourne CBD and using Melbourne CBD public parking’s is required and highly recommended.

To help expand the business, grow with the team, help to transition this role into paid position within the organisation, for the organisation, and keep it with the team for the future.






Melbourne CBD & VIC

The legal professionals, registered freelancers, of suitable experience, for personal growth, strong focus on the team and further work on the company development and goals.

Assist industry compliance, assist the director or staff at the meetings and events as needed, make the meetings and events notes, and assist with the other legal tasks as required.

Occasional tasks currently. Melbourne CBD and VIC. View to permanent position, with the further company development for the right candidate. Experience or studies with sport, aviation industry and law & international law, hearings and similar and international industry knowledge is a bonus. Willing to obtain additional accreditation’s as needed.

To help expand the business, grow with the team, transition this role into paid position within the organisation, for the organisation, and keep it with the team for the future.






Melbourne CBD & VIC

Aviation industry, experience within the industry, compliance, office and point of contact. Must be compliant and CASA licensed / endorsed / experienced.

Use MAAT and other regulator software for manuals creation / submission, liaise with MAAT team on the feedback, support, and submit the regular suggestions to MAAT team for the better use and further improvements. Liaise on feedback and improvement requests with the submissions and further submission documents development. Monitor and provide advice, feedback and support on the other regulation and compliance issues / tasks, and provide a team guidance regardless the same.

To help expand the business, grow with the team, transition this role into paid position within the organisation, for the organisation, and keep it with the team for the future.





Melbourne CBD & VIC

Unpaid volunteer, to help expand the business, grow with the team, transition this role into paid position within the organisation, for the organisation, and keep it with the team for the future.





Melbourne CBD & VIC

Expressions of interest and resumes with the photo attached can be submitted here for the coming VIC spring and summer season, as we do for every year, in the secondary gardening tier of our business in the gardening sector, for the number of jobs we can allocate for every year until the expiry. The pay is fixed-per-property assigned to per staff member in their each care task and – as the properties number gradually added to staff members Increases – for the dedicated staff members it’s possible to build up to near average extra weekly income per staff member. All expressions of interest for 2019 and next season are welcome, for the motivated interested staff.

Temporary pay and long term references, as we do for every year, and – occasional larger tendered jobs, enough seasonal opportunity for dedicated workers not afraid to contribute to the team and tasks, follow on-the-job instructions and acquire new valuable gardening skills and references. This is one of our most popular seasonal work opportunities, claimable under 75 k threshold that we are proud to offer for each season, enhancing the incomes and lives of all interested Victorians and other candidates. Requirements: permit to work in Australia, your own medical / health insurance, your own PLI insurance is a plus but not the requirement. It can be covered by us if required for each case.




Candidates with no long term positions in mind, or seeking for temporary positions need not to apply, since it does not fit too our industry type and organizational structure, thanks.

Candidates must be constant contactable / daily responsive (or closest possible to it) at our daily social:

www.Facebook.Com/OZAVAUS  or via your mobile TXT, alternatively.

The candidate profiles / resume’s and basic photos can be emailed, or attached at our FB messaging, or our company email advised with this listing here.

Staff proposals from all suitable agencies are also accepted at the moment, for the further staff evaluation, and addition to our team, for the future, for the most suitable staff profile candidates, you are welcome to express the interest and recommend the staff to be interviewed, thanks.



For the email subject – enter the main title of the vacancy in bold letters as you see it listed here.

Please, address all expressions of interest for an interview (with attached resume’s and passport type photos either inside the resume’s or attached with the same email) to the: company email

Volunteers with the interest for the possible transition to long-term positions are welcome, as well.

Our anti discrimination policy is available on the request for the interested candidates, at a request.

Thanks for your time and effort, and best of luck with our (or other) job search efforts / endeavors.

We aim to create and keep the [ long-term ] job positions for the people, at the domestic and international basis within the company, as possible to achieve due to the regulation, legislation and funding matters, helping  Australian dollar and other international currencies to grow stronger in the process.

Thank you for the expressions of interest for our possible vacancies, as the section here gets updated further, as the any available / possible vacancies that we may need the help and have the opportunities with, for gaining the experience, references and possibly keeping them as the full time positions later, as the candidates develop them and grow from there with the organisation strength.



Oztronix Aviation [OZAV], International, Melbourne VIC, Australia HQ.






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