Donations and payments here are managed on a purely non-profit basis and forwarded for our humanitarian causes, the most of them can be seen on our “Partners” tab of the main page, and some not listed there and are just another way how do we make our national currency stronger as a part of that effort – and we donate to a range of international humanitarian causes from there as well. Thanks for your any contribution or your regular visits here, every bit matters, at making the world – a much better place. We thank you for considering our becoming our partner here, that particular way, by the available donation links of your choice below.

To become an ozav donating partner (and the world) superhero, and leave your details, if you prefer it via PayPal – the time and place is HERE.

Our current OZAV Community Fundraiser, as a part of our international outreach program, if you prefer to do it via social, is also: HERE.

Our monthly fundraising campaign, that runs every month, via GiveSendGo (a successful Christian humanitarian aid platform), is also available on the link HERE – for our school branch OZAV GH, in the Accra region, fighting the economic and education poverty in it’s local regions, heavily affected by it. Any donations via that link help it’s work and future directly, bringing the local aviation talent, that is accepted locally and constantly in our prep – for the further aviation sport, industry and family from there. All that – while making possible for the local community to engage into safe and healthy aviation sport, and our other sport modules, and other sport, education and humanitarian and holiday times school activities for the members and to engage into the quality education that we provide for the all fully signed members and students at the same time, making it an important career step up, in their lifelong individual careers for the aviation sport and industry as well.

More donation links, as we integrate with more sport & humanity organisations may be also available here in the future, as you see them listed down, here on this page.








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