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Our help portal, related to: learning, forecasts, planning and documents. The aim is to make available as a single page portal (intersection style page) here – the latest and greatest that we can collect and offer as a direct links here, hoping it will help any learning or day-to-day planing, learning and activities.

Pilot Practice Exams, helping with the theory courses and learning, HERE

Cross country – flying  50+nm and similar – you will need a personal locator beacon, see the one of excellent offers for a great 406 MHz KTi model, HERE

For registering the ELB’s – see  HERE (for SAR, to know who-and-what they are looking for, in the case of any emergencies.)

Aviation ASIC Cards, cross-country or not, if a need for one exists, see HERE for more info

Electronic Flight Bags (EFB’s), for cross country flying, eg. OzRunways or AvPlan, for an instance, see a very good advice HERE for more info

A pilot video, about a GAF Weather, with some good  information, for the video currently, click HERE

The GAF weather chart system – Bureau of Meteorology – a one of the BOM Instructional videos, HERE

The GAF weather and transitioning to GAF, a helpful instructional manual, so as for work with the tables – is available HERE

Subscription for the official aviation news, transitioning and updates can be done as well HERE

A resource for electronic copy of Australian AIP aeronautical charts is available on the air services link HERE

Planning using the VFR, the onTrack website is currently unavailable / unavailable, but great help and information is at the VFR web HERE

To access the real time weather cam’s, and see more for your planning, access the page HERE

For more information on the OneSky, the link with current info and downloads can be accessed HERE

Reading weather charts, a good sample can be found currently HERE eg. the chart for the next 4 days, very useful and informative

METAR Taf – the one and only, helpful, at a simple and really quick day-plan, but more importantly – quick check or update the metar conditions

For current Melbourne rain and storm radar service (usual 128 km loop) our latest updated link we can get to is HERE

A color copy of the current Australian synoptic weather chart can be also accessed / assessed HERE

And “there is an app for that”, so we also list here – a popular Windy TV,  all-in-a-picture format, (as great as currently is) HERE

Our favored type of report, due to it’s most popular validity and format, is right HERE – which is also an excellent daily source, for any quick METAR needs, on any day – (Currently a very useful, helpful page on metar uses and reading can be also found HERE, at the moment)













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