Following are the few current issues that we (and other honest Australian Pty Ltd’s) are concerned about currently. The COVID-19 to this month is not currently affecting any of our sport or admin members, though only one member was affected with the just-normal flu, where the further tests have not found any COVID presence other than a normal flu. As well as: some of our female members are still physically attacked and abused by the what is believed to be a drug infested terrorist organisation present in the central Gippsland area that (reportedly) physically attacks and even sexually abuses residents in the area and steals their possessions and launches the rumors in the community affecting the honest Pty Ltd’s and individuals, which (as we earlier advised) we regard as a problem that needs to be addressed on the state level and the main responsibility for it still ongoing is coming from the state level management negligence, and support services as it seems, while no one still has the complete picture about this and it still largely remains inconclusive as to why is happening this much in that area of VIC while the attack reports keep pouring in. While we don’t know what govt. will do about that further – all we can do is keep helping and educating our members and community with what’s possible regardless these and similar issues and human factors and we  agree in full that (we all, as a country) are in the uncharted territory as the premier has recently stated and there is no manual for this and further are of the attitude that – regardless COVID – for this Jun-July (and even over winter and complete spring season) no organisations should go out publicly in the open, while it is obvious that attempts to revitalize the sport and community are being conducted as possible. However, we, at this stage, (voluntary) will keep grounded and off – our complete outdoor sport and ozav indoor education seminar activities, likely to the very end of spring, this exact way counting one more organization that is helping that way the COVID situation to be understood and managed better, even if this our Board decision does the financial and members well-being damages to us, but – as in everything: we put the community well-being first. Any other claims in the public about our response to this are – false. We thank to all organisations and partners who can (and will) follow this model of COVID response at this stage of the pandemic, while we hope that the international community would not see the second or more subsequent outbreaks. Attention to all our (ozav forming or current) branches overseas: please do the same and thanks in advance, we are united with you about this very serious issue, and hope that management strategies advised for COVID at this stage by the experts will be implemented at all branches, while the world medical system is still (rapidly) learning further about the COVID issue. We thank you for your time reading and with this part of our page, while all (well-minded and constructive) suggestions and contributions are welcome as always, as we build the healthier and safer community together, thanks.





















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