Veterans aid initiative, created, run, and maintained by our international sport and humanity organisation.


After finding, in various media reports, that only in California there is an ongoing number of the

roughly 12 000 of U.S. Veterans, homeless / stranded, with almost no any support, our team has decided

that something can be done from our side, and to be actioned from our main international HQ, based

in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, hoping that way to be a lot more effective, since our position internationally

has offered us an opportunity to act, which was a lot better than many local services in California can do

or – are simply overworked with, hoping that our contribution this way can make a better strategy: together,

for the veterans and homeless in California and wider – this particular way.


While OZAV has many supported causes internationally – the way the funds are normally collected

for this particular task is the same: all OZAV branches, flying members, instructors, students,

partners, and fans donate what they can, for each period of our donation runs and further is

simply redirected to one of the local organisations, at the streets – directly in California.


While some members at the OZAV are also formal U.S. ROTC and NATO aviation vet’s personnel

this OZAV aid – organized the above said way – aims to directly support United States veterans

in California and wider, hoping that a better support can be delivered this way to the vet’s

who certainly don’t deserve to be left without anything in return for the personal service

and sacrifice they have done for the safety of the U.S and therefore – the world as well, and

we, at the OZAV have been moved by the human side of the reports and are of the opinion that 

veterans certainly deserve better support at this – obviously ongoing issue, while we – that

way – certainly we do our part, for the difference from many other organisations just claiming

in the media to do so – while they in reality have no practical actions about it ever conducted.

We hope that our example, at all of our supported humanity aid projects, including this one

can inspire the currently interested and other well-minded organisations to do the same.


Oztronix Aviation LLC – OZAV branch for the United States is also (full registrant) aviation sport,

business and community organisation, as a fully functioning U.S. LLC – and we are also proud

of that fact and the hope for the future is actually – to employ more U.S. veterans at it, with

some potential help per-year, from the U.S. govt, about which potential initiative we are also

contactable, via our main web page too, all contacts about that from the side of the govt are

welcome and much appreciated, while we are just an e-mail away, and on the standby.


The U.S homeless vets can register with us as well, via our – main web page contact email

message inquiry and provide the feedback and ideas / suggestions, while all (well-minded

and non-anti-trust) contact – as always – is highly appreciated and attended, in full – by the

OZAV Board, and responded to – in the most cases – as possible to humanely accomplish.



On behalf of OZAV director, Board and flying members, instructors, staff and partners – international,

OZAV is always contactable, for any cooperation – towards these and similar goals, at our main page:










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Team OZAV, International.