A true story, about one of our recently joined – exceptional honest and exceptional aviation talent members, as to how it was up to the times of 2019, when she joined us at the OZAV, and when she has left the old community grudge and rumors behind – moving forward with her personal development goals – not looking back at any past further. We are publishing it only from the reason that community as one, in general, can learn, and can reflect on it, but not for any reasons of pursuing any individuals or organizations as to what they may have allegedly or truly done in the past, and it was the best they could do, at any given time. We hope it can be a sort of a (past and present) the very much needed – healing bridge for the community, now needed more than ever, which is also the Steph’s one and only wish, regardless. About such issues Steph is now also constantly active, assisting and educating the community and about such cases impacts – and about it’s many faces, as well. We are positive that everyone will find themselves in it – everyone in their own way. Please share.


This member story covers the period before Stephanie T Chapple joined as a member of Oztronix Aviation – OZAV Intnl, as the admin assistant, promoter and a flying sport Member, by the year 2019.

The story shows how Stephanie and other kids have been failed by the system, and since the kid age abused for more than 20 years, physically, sexually, than emotionally and financially, to the moment when Steph has joined us, as the aviation sport and community member at the OZAV Intnl. The Oztronix Aviation – OZAV Intnl have offered the mentoring for Steph by the director, Dr Michael M Vranic and the OZAV members & instructors, and have issued Steph with a  warm welcome, along with a free of charge lifetime OZAV Membership and support for her, on her further career goals in aviation as a sport and a possible further profession for her as well. She, at our activities and community has demonstrated only exceptional honest character, and above-average talent for aviation and flying, and studies in general.

In the Steph’s own words, about – quite a few things:

“So many kids, me included – we have been abused, in the quite a few ways, in the same institution. I couldn’t do anything to help them either, I was a bystander and abused child myself and also I was than under their ‘guardianship’. They used, as a practice – to fully physically smash the kids, so that we’re having a vent to the concrete an 3, 4, 5, maybe all at once, just sit on various parts of our body and cover us up in bruises. They really had no idea how to help a child neglected from the parents and by the system and so – they always become stuck in the cracks of the system by the regular incarcerations, as a result, never having a chance or support to become the normal and default productive members of society from the start. All from the reactions of the abuse only, that they went through as a child. Now, half of them are emotionally dead and allegedly labeled as ‘criminal minded’ or have adopted the further (imprinted this way) behaviors and various reactions of that type. The government needs a good shake up, to own up to the fact that these children were all in a state care, and now are – the adults – most of them still in jails, never having the chance to live normally – as of yet, due to the such neglect reasons. This is not happening only in Australia, but a sit seems international wide as well.

My driver’s license was suspended. My ex has paid people to set me up and spike me 2 times, 1st time I was responsible so I had to pay a minor demerit fine and few indirect associated fines. And in a due course – it’s so unfair, I didn’t even know I was spiked the last 2 times. So cruel.

Then, shortly after, my 100% owned and repaid car was stolen and fraudulently transferred to a mob, as an ‘owner’. All my 100 % legal ownership paperwork was also stolen, the clever and very organized way as they do everything to all of their targeted type victims around. I am not the first, neither the last one, as obvious. I had no evidence available from there and plus I was too depressed over my mum dying an I have developed a fear of police at regular. Inclusive with (hardly looking legal) past assaults against me, of course –  for the things I didn’t do, and I don’t give my consent to be on my name, to this day.

The harassment, the victimization, then the breach of confidential priors and false charges and life threats from the side of my ex continuing. The local police were handing my charge – summons to a registered sex offender who publicly humiliated me with my history and his made up, manipulating stories (with his knowledge of my childhood) history and privacy, all used non-consent way, so I couldn’t be bothered with the stress of homelessness and no driving license available, which should be available to everyone no matter what ordeal they are currently going through. With my car taken off me, so it was like I was indeed trapped in hell.

Now, due to my strong decision and strength to move forward with my life positively from there, and help from the OZAV Intnl, my life is completely turned around. I am now at least stable on my feet again, but I’m definitely going to claim my crown they all stole from me, out of spite, jealousy and from their need for enjoying their rumors and hiding behind the other people names for everyhting they do and is all up to no good, for the most. Just as I myself have at least witnessed the first-hand. I’m a visionary, I could always see through all of their manipulations about me. I have my clear life goals in mind, and today I have no taste or need, or interest for the anything, or for anyone in the past.

I was born a warrior, and never knew till recent – an aviator, now obviously a transformer, but now indeed: an aviator in training, among the few other things, but about that – later  😍🙏🏻.

Our dreams can come true I guess, thanks to the help on the way from OZAV Intnl and their members and Board I have got. They – no matter what the rumors have been –  could see through all the lies and manipulations about me and accept me as I am, with what I have to offer as a member, and with my potential that I have to offer to the sport and the organisation.

Berry street introduced us, as the kids to marijuana at the age of 14. I told the supervisor and they had a big meeting but she only kept her job and nothing more was done. But they haven’t ever compensated me, for all the money I’ve lost from an addiction the staff and members gave me, at that time. Luckily, I am wise enough by now and I’m finally healing and getting healthy, up to the standards that the OZAV Intnl requires for keeping a membership and my further career in mind now requires from me. I am supported by OZAV Intnl members on every step as well, as we move forward with my personal improvement goals, that I now have in mind, and my own choice of the sport, community and lifestyle.

 I was almost qualified beauty therapist once. I moved as a kid from the city to Berry street and they introduced me to the substance abuse and I became so lazy. I was sexually assaulted and abused in their care ! I also had gave up on my career and prospects, at that time 😢.

After some time, I’ve got away and broke away from drugs and substance abuse and started on assisting medication. I slowly from there started to see the damages they all have done to me, including the scale of the very system negligence. So at the times I hated to think about the others in a compassionate way. I normally went to church every Sunday because I really loved it once. Back in the Berry St – it was all up a – very much different story, for me, and not a good one, for a child, and for a girl at that, at least.

They smartly, in a systemic way drive them insane from the early age, so they will end locked up, and it makes them ineligible for compensation. If they have been incarcerated for longer than 5 years: too bad, as in that system – we are molested and they turn a blind eye to that, so that all clients are pushed to display their hurt and anger and never have a chance for a fair start in the society that way. So, it is a twisted system all together, and not the best way to manage anything, in general.

However – there are some very loving and caring workers too, but: very few – they only could do the meaningful and helpful things in the line of their own pockets, and – mostly – out of their own pockets.

I wish if we, as the homeless, neglected and abused kids are given a better chance and the opportunity to develop our own potential and careers, from the start back than, when we the most needed the such support.

Starting from 2019, after joining the OZAV Intnl, who have never discriminated against me, on any grounds, and never acted on any rumours about me – I am very happy member and further remain active, in my contribution to the development and presentation of the the OZAV Intnl, the sport and humanity org, their staff and their partner companies and organisations. I do enjoy all the aviation and flying classes at theory and my flying hours done on the choen LSA sport aircraft thus far, within the OZAV Intnl and partners, and can’t wait to learn across a few more models in the LSA range, which is one of the OZAV plans for me, and for all the OZAV Intnl members. This is a standard, at all of their world-wide growing list of branches, and by the default sport and viral popularity of the organisation.


Looking forward for the better future, leaving behind my difficult past and any community grudges, which all up – has made me only stronger and much more determined, towards my goals.”


Yours, in the works and aviation, and other sports,

Steph “Sparkles” Chapple – the OZAV Intnl member, 2019 – onward.





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