Our Vacancies


Grant Writers
A professional grant writer, with a track-able references of winning the grants for an organisation in Australia, such as
in the sports, recreation, tourism, education and / or humanity fields.
Work arrangement: volunteer (and to become preferably our org. signed member, at a one of our membership levels, at least).
Pay: commission, after the each grant approved.
The org. culture, and why could this be your (if-not-the-best) ever career move: you are going to be working with our team & our international community in the (one of the best in the world, regardless the popularity and quality of personal standards of the members and management): aviation sport and industry and aerospace, and partnered partially and appreciated as we are – also at the defense sector as well.
Must be from a non-alcoholic and no substance abuse background, and consent to a police record check, obtainable on our request and advice link, and to have a passion to promote, protect and support the aviation sport and industry, in Australia and international wise. Must be available to occasionally attend our industry-invited and our own organized (sport & industry) community events as well, upon the each timely invitation and while accessing the support for it received from us, per the each event.
A simple Resume / CV (as an all-in-one document, in a few pages), with a simplest possible cover letter, as for the resume part.
Open and interviewing: for as long as you see this page (as a tab) being available on our main website here.

Tax Agents
As a non-profit and nothing much is happening at the moment, but you are welcome to make at least some tax buck from our 3-monthly revolving period, and while it can be from almost nothing to larger amount of tax work, volatile as is, with the all of the Pty’s today, as happening due to current market movements and unpredictable (public shifting) syndromes. An interested tax agent, interested to work with and support our sport org. further – all are welcome to be interviewed, sign a non-liability and safety agreements and have us on your map of customers for your over-the-year schedule, thanks.

Volunteers (the set pay, limited amount) promotional and development assistance work

All are welcome to be interviewed, sign our: a) non-liability, b) non harmful intent and c) safety agreements, and complete a simple police check at the link forwarded to you and mail / email it back to us. Once done, you, as an OZAV Intnl volunteer can start on the activities as instructed, at the time pace you have available for it, over the week. We recommend you have first your own public liability insurance since we, from the year 2021 are unable and don’t cover the volunteers further for that aspect. Also – if privately obtained – they are not that expensive, for all-and-any budget you might be on. We can retroactively, partially assist you with the cost, (provided us first from your side: the copy of the policy, which has to be current, valid, and active, that can be checked with your provider), thanks.

* The list of our any other (staff or volunteer) vacancies will be regular-updated here, as they become available, and – as we are able to update this page. *Police checks are due to be obtained by, and on the cost of the approaching persons to work or volunteer at the OZAV Intnl, thanks.

Oztronix Aviation – OZAV Intnl, sport & humanity org, non-profit, The Main Intnl HQ, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Oztronix Aviation
Oztronix Aviation

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