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As in everything with our sport, news and blog style organisation web page, this is dedicated to our international digital detox initiative, running for every month of Jun – and for every year.

Currently, as of year 2000’s and onward – we find the (most) burning issue affecting everyone from the age of birth to an advanced age and affecting the way we function as the individuals.

Since the increased influx of the digital devices on the world market – it may seem that a ‘zombie apocalypse’ already happened and we don’t need a better one – here we list the details about our original (and world wide) OZAV Digital Detox Initiative, that is active for every month of Jun for every year, for all of our members / friends and partners who choose to participate, and it brings the various benefits, from:

– better overall health for the participants,

– better situational awareness,

– contribution to fighting off the digital pollution and addiction to screen based devices and content (please, note – this is an addiction, with no joking about it).

So, for the every month of Jun, every year – you can join us by (complete as you can possibly make it):

– having organized time for yourself outdoors and outdoors activities, such as sport activities, flying involved or not – quitting completely on any video game activities, whether via mobile devices, PC’s, or home entertainment “boxes” and similar – checking on yourself as to – how much exactly we are addicted to either mobiles, electronic screens and other similar devices that “make your day” and without which “one can not live”

– checking on yourself for – how much exactly it affects your health, normal functions, memory, healthy reasoning and individual happiness

This healthy initiative we came up to and we discussed and organized first with all of our international members, and recently has gained more in popularity in the media and similar, while we also try to stress here that these issues have been predicted a long time ago as well, and there is no excuse that we can say “we haven’t been aware of it” or anything similar in that sense. The participation is fully voluntary, and it’s individual or by the groups, applicable to the level that is desired or needed by the participants or organizations. The best about it will be – it can be applied to the minimum level at the start, and further during the month – based on such benefits elevated to any levels needed further from there, based on such feedback, and we have only the best reports so far from all of our members, regardless the first few years of it’s existence, which we also highly recommend to all organisations or persons who know positively being affected by this and desiring a change for the better, in the terms of health and well being – for all the members.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”.

-said by: Albert Einstein-

Thanks for joining, for any year, and you can report and promote your joining and our initiative here over all social media platforms you are the members of, with our full permission here, you are welcome.

Yours in the works and sport, as always,

the OZAV, International.





















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