Hello, and welcome to our online store, stocked with the organisation supplies, the various items and even memorabilia – to show your mindless dedication to your membership and – to our sport vision for the world, or to restock on the lost ware and wear, or just to get some of the coolest on the planet – ozav memorabilia items. We work endlessly to enrich it with more organisation items and clothing and everything ozav-else in between. Members who have lost anything from any parts of their organization ware or wear have a pretty good chance here, over the year, to replace what’s missing – right here and of course – you are welcome.


OZAV Epaulet Shirt













For uses of all ozav members, instructors and students, international, the unisex – as per our all-gender-equal organisation standards and requirements. Available to ship for most of the countries in: S, M, or L sizes, as usual, where out L size also fits for the XL size requirement in the terms of use, to make  it easier for the much taller members as well.


OZAV T Shirt – Official Logo Version











As viral popular, it remains in the high demand of all ozav members and even non-members, an organizational and memorabilia item, of the world class ozav popularity.


OZAV Deluxe Tote Bag











Shopping prior-after your sport aviation or other ozav sports day – you can simply not be shopping out there, without one of these. It simply makes your ozav associate statement everywhere around, like no other items. It’s only fair.


OZAV Hoodie – White Edition











Just as you know them in our navy color edition, from the ozav and partners airfields and other sport activities that we roam, legendary as they are – only in white. Unisex, all genders, quality material, attached cap for the rainy day and cold protection. They zip, up and down to open or close, with 2 large pockets at the sides, what could be more cold & heat protective and useful on your ozav sport member – or ozav associate – day. Just as our T Shirts and epaulet shirts: they too come in S, M and L sizing, where our L size also fits the XL size wearer needs, if you really insist to be that much taller / bigger, or simply – like a bit more space.


OZAV Key Rings












At he best availability and supply speed we can provide them available for purchase here – to all ozav members, partners and fans, international, we recently just added this another high quality useful and memorabilia item – never loose a key again, keeping everything tidy on this, only yours – ozav key ring – it’s only safe.



























If any clothing or ware size is unclear during / after the purchase – please simply email us to specify the size needed, and we will make positive that you get the size specified, you are the most welcome. There is no need to feel uncomfortable during your purchase process, this is our usual practice and convenience available that we offer to all members, partners, and other customers, who are also buying here.

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If your country is not currently on our shipping list, for any item here, simply message us, and we will do our best to assess the legal and practical requirements and make them available for shipping over, soon as possible, thanks.

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Team OZAV, International.